James C


We can’t say enough good things about Cliff Harris and the team over there at Zacharko agency. We have used them for our commercial properties, personal home, cars, and more for over a decade.

1) Cliff delivers unparalleled customer service — every time, without exception, when I ask Cliff for anything, he responds quickly, and his answers are spot-on.  You always get the feeling that he is on our side.  He’s creative in his problem-solving (which can be necessary with our rental properties), and he does all the hard work for us.  He never sends us to an 800 number, we never wait on hold for an answer.  It’s really simple — we ask Cliff what we want to know, and he just takes care of it.

2) We had storm damage on a home, and Nationwide took care of the whole thing.  No hassle, no denials, no fighting — they just paid to get the whole roof and broken fencing re-done.

3) They offer an array of services, from cheap options like when our teenage son needed basic auto coverage, to complete liability coverage for our commercial properties.  They’re always looking for the best options, and they talk it through with you.  We also ensure cars and properties in Florida (I wish Cliff and the team could serve us there), and I can tell you, the companies we use there are no comparison to the service we’ve come to rely on with Zacharko. It’s taken me a decade to get around to writing this review, but consider it to be representative of our stellar experience with them year after year.  Highly recommended!